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Drill & Tap Kit for * 5mm * Screws

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SKU: E0580
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    E0580 High Carbon Steel Tap & Drill Set.

    Taps are used for internal threading of Stainless Steel Newel Posts and Railing. A tap cuts threads on the inside of a hole, to accept a machine screw or bolt. These drill and tap combination produce a thread that is strong and easy to tap.


    • Includes: (1) drill bit and (1)  5mm tap
    • Thread: 5mm - .80mm Plug Tap
    • Drill Point: Cobalt-135° Split
    • Tap Material:High Speed Steel
    • HSS drill bits ensure fast, precise drilling
    • High carbon steel plug taps are ideal for general purpose threading
    • Finish:Gold


    1. Mark holes.
    2. Secure the workpiece firmly.
    3. Drill the hole to the correct diameter and depth.
    4. Apply an appropriate lubricant such as oil, WD-40.
    5. Hold the tap in line with the hole and turn it clockwise. Try to keep it very straight as you turn, this is important. You may feel the material breaking.
    6. Every few turns, back the tap out (counterclockwise/anticlockwise) to clear away chips of loose material. 
    7. When the tap has reached the required depth, back it out, clean out chips and any cutting fluid or lubricant, and try your screw or bolt in it.


    • Tapping operations create chips. Mask or cover any parts of your workpiece or surroundings that would be damaged by chips, or plan to clean them off when you are done.
    • Small taps are extremely easy to snap. It takes about 4 pounds of force to break a 5mm-8mm tap, so be very careful using small taps.
    • For very thin material, it may be better to use a nut on the other side. Other options include press-in nuts designed for sheet metal and threaded inserts for softer materials, such as plastics. A good rule of thumb for metals is that at least three full threads should be in the material.
    • Take care not to change the angle of the tap, especially at the beginning. You only want to cut one thread.

    If you need additional assistance or have any questions, please contact our sales team at (844) 424-0112 or email us: sales@stainlessstairparts.com

    We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our stair products, installation or help you place an order.

    Stainless Steel Railing - How to install Glass Clamps (00:48)
    For order and inquires please call (844) 424-0112 or email us at: sales@stainlessstairparts.com Our solid stainless steel glass clamps are designed to secure glass panels in modern houses and commercial staircases. Appropriate screws, safety pin and one set of rubber gaskets are included with each glass clamp. Available in both flat and round surface mount, they can be used with either round or square newel posts to mount glass or any other material panels. Our glass clamps have been successfully tested with both tempered and laminated glass, and can be used with glass up to a width of 5.3 feet. It is the responsibility of the installer to determine if adequate structural backing support is being used. With more than a half century of employee experience, methods and problem-solving approaches to respond uniquely and specifically to each customer's needs. We are a forward-thinking company with a solid background of proven performance and experience. Our Mission is to service our customers by creating and delivering a quality service, which is unique and valuable.
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      For order and inquires please call (844) 424-0112 or email us ...

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    1. Must Have  star rating

      Posted by Ed on Jun 12th 2017

      You'll need a good drill and tap holder but this kit is essential for mounting the supports.

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